Relay for life

I was at a thinger yesterday called relay for life, where you walk for cancer. Well, they needed performers, so I sang a Norwegian song called Tir n'a Noir. It was really fun, although I was kinda nervous in the beginning, so I almost said that my name was Norway.. awks. Anyway here's the video:



Twin Cities & WeTopia


I got an excellent at solo ensamble, which is good, considering the only thing above is superior, and I was 2 points away from that.. :) Plus, I kinda had to sing in a "choir voice," which I don't like... But it was still fun!!

And of course there's the musical! That was a lot of fun, and I didn't mess up my solo or line, which I was nervous about! And even though it's sad that it's over, it's fun to finally have time again! Being crazy busy from 6 to 11 is kinda exhausting after a while! 

I've also been singing outside of java (local coffee place) two times, and that was so much fun!! The first time I was collecting money for the musical, the other I was just trying to make some money, considering I can't have a job here, and both times I made 12 bucks! Now I know it's not like winning the lottery, but considering basically no one walks by, I'm really excited about it! Plus it was sooo good to perform again! I've missed it so much. 


Anyway, today I'm going to  the twin cities and we're gonna stay there for the weekend. We're gonna watch the opera... Yup. But oh well, it'll be fun. 


Last thing! People who have facebook; start playing a game called WeTopia! Instead of collecting money, you collect goodwill and joy. When you get enough joy, you can send some to different causes! You actually help people while you play! For free! I've helped homeless kids, kids in haiti and a lot of other stuff! It's so awesome!


There is a game on facebook that actually helps people around the world! Try it out - just search for We topia and do some good!!


So I haven't blogged in a while, but in my defence I've been really busy.. And whenever I get some time I wanna spend it relaxing, not trying to find stuff to write about... 

So lately my time has been spent doing school stuff and hanging out with friends. In a couple of days a friend of mine from Australia is going back, which is gonna suck, cause she's like my personality twin, which means we get along super awesomely... She's gonna come to school on monday, which is gonna be awesome! I'm so happy I have A lunch this semester, cause that's when the band people eat! Which means awesomeness!! 

I'm also doing choir stuff! There's a contest called solo ensamble where you sing for judges and they give you a rating, like "excellent", or "good" or whatever. The musical rehersals are also gonna start soon! 

My twin is coming the last week of febuary and that's gonna be awesome too!! 

Kinda don't have more time right now, but hope that was an ok update. If there are any specific questions about what's going on, you can just leave those in the comments ^^


Ok, I haven't written anything in a very long time, cause I've been so busy!! There is a lot to do in school, cause we get a bunch of homework, and I'm also in a lot of stuff, like One Act Play, MAYC (Montevideo Active Youth Comitee (where we help out around the community)), Pep Band, and Math Team. Our Math Team is actually in the lead, but that might change next meet, cause it's the hardest meet, and we're missing two of our best people. Hopefully we'll make it, and that means we'd go to state! Evetually I'll also be in the Musical, Speech and maybe Track. I'm also trying to run every day, but it's really hard when I have so much stuff going on, and it gets dark early! 


Btw, I went snowboarding with a friend of mine and it was AWESOME!! He went skiing for the first time, and decided that he didn't want to turn, so he just went straight down (CRAZY!!), but he was ok, nothing happened. I actually fell more than he did! But he fell getting on the ski lift, so he sucks more! Ha! 

 I realize this wasn't a great post, but it's better than nothin, eh?


Chamberlain's feast

I haven't blogged in FOREVER, but whateves. Lately I've been hanging out with friends a lot - awesome! And I also have a lot of other stuff going on. Math team, one act, MAYC, speech and pep band. It hasn't all started yet, but it starts pretty soon! I'm also exited for my birthday coming up. 


Today I'm going to Chamberlain's feast, which is like a mix of choir and acting with a meal :D It's awesome!


Just found a pretty cool blog!

It's in Norwegian, but you should check it out


The musical this year is Oklahoma, and guess what! I got a part! Like, everybody gets some sort of part, like the chorus part, but I got a part with "some solo work", which is awesome! I'm so exited! :D


So this week was homecoming, which was awesome! 

Monday;  pajama day, cc was mixmatch day

Tuesday; jersey day

Wedensday; class color day! CC was gangster day

Thursday; Cowboy day! CC was neon day

Friday; School spirit day!! 

Don't have a picture from monday...

Or jersey day...

Class color day! :D Kalina, me, brook and emma!


Cowboy day!! :D Brook, Emma, Kalina and me :D


This is not the best picture, but it's the only one I have from school spirit day.... :( But whateves, it's me and Emma :D


I love Jenna Marbles!!!


It's SO FUNNY!!! But fyi, the language might offend some people, so don't watch it if you don't like that, haha xD

Really cute quote! :D <3

Want to know a secret? You are beautiful. Someone out there cherishes your smile and gets butterflies when you walk into a room. Someone out there can't stop thinking about you. You Are Beautiful. Don't ever believe differently.



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